The Three-Night Sleepover

Our friends are in Santa Fe celebrating their anniversary, so their two kids have been staying with us since Thursday.

Having one child was an intentional decision Sarah and I made that has always felt like the right choice for us.

But you can’t help but wonder… what would it be like if we had a bigger family?

Prepared with the 3rd row seating in my new Telluride, we were about to find out.

Actually, we didn’t find out what it’s like to have a bigger family. We found out what it’s like to have a three-night sleepover.

And the answer to that is mostly fun, plus a little anxiety because we’re responsible for someone else’s kids.

The experience was a mix of activities we scheduled and letting the kids do their own thing.

Our kids go to the same school, which starts in a couple days, but there was a back to school event Thursday morning shortly after we picked them up. That was a great way to kick things off because they got to run around with their friends for a couple hours.

On Friday we went to Krause Springs. It’s an hour drive, but the rope swing into the cool water was a big hit. Plus everyone loved stopping at Opie’s for barbecue on the way home.

Gary and Fox joined us for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at Alamo Drafthouse on Saturday followed by a water balloon fight at home.

But hands down, the #1 activity of the past 96 hours has been driving the golf cart around the neighborhood.

There’s nothing like the joy and freedom that comes from being behind the wheel when you’re 8-11 years old. Hell, it’s still fun as a grown man.

Although I will say, it’s been a little nerve-wracking for me as I’m trying to balance letting them have fun while also making sure they’re watching the road so we can all stay alive through the weekend.

Fortunately our neighborhood has wide streets and low traffic, so I think we’re going to make it.

I love the amount of quiet time and solitude that Sarah and I enjoy by having a single child.

At the same time, I don’t want Ava to entirely miss out on the fun and pandemonium of a bigger family.

I’m grateful that Gary and Fox recently moved into our neighborhood. She has a sibling-like relationship with Fox and they’re now just a short golf cart ride away.

And Ava’s friend Cora lives on our street, so the two of them freely come and go to see each other.

By adding in experiences like the past four days, we can all get a taste of the bigger family life while preserving our moments of solitude and sanity.

- Matt

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