The Opposite of Buyer’s Remorse

We have a phrase to describe when we buy something and later feel regret – buyer’s remorse.

I don’t believe there’s a phrase for the times when we don’t buy something and later feel good about that outcome.

Last year, as I was in the process of selling my business, I was also casually looking at businesses for sale on Flippa.

One particular listing caught my eye – Body for Golf. I liked the simplicity of the business. It was a website and email newsletter selling info products – downloadable PDFs and videos providing golf and fitness instruction.

No inventory. No employees. No problems! Kidding on that last one.

The owner was a former PGA teaching pro who had the business on auto-pilot. Each week, she would write an email about something happening in the golf world and include links to her info products.

I talked to Sarah and started to seriously consider the opportunity, but within 48 hours, someone else bought the business.

My initial feeling was disappointment and regret that I hadn’t seen the listing earlier and moved quicker.

But as the weeks passed, I felt a sense of relief.

I love playing golf, but I don’t care about the pros. At this point, I watch golf once per year – during the Masters.

I’m not interested in writing content, or even overseeing someone else creating content, about a topic I don’t care about.

So whatever the opposite of buyer’s remorse is (non-buyer’s delight?), that’s what I feel now.

This experience provided a datapoint that I’ve been keeping in mind as I explore ideas for my next venture.

I like creating content and it can be a valuable sales tool, but for me, the topic needs to be engaging.

Writing Sunday Shrooms has been a helpful exercise, getting me into the habit of sharing my perspective and lessons learned on topics of my choosing.

My next step is to write content for a business idea I’ve been thinking about. That’s something I’ll be doing this month. I’ll let you know how it goes.

- Matt

Artwork created by Midjourney with the prompt: sitting on a golf course with a notebook and pen.

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