The Business Fair

This week’s issue of Sunday Shrooms was written by Ava LaPrairie.

Yesterday was my business fair. The business fair is an event at my school, Acton Academy West.

It’s a fair where students and even kids who don’t go to Acton can learn entrepreneurship. The kids who have a booth at the fair can sell stuff.

This year I sold fruit kabobs and watermelon cucumber juice and my business was named Ava’s Fruity Juicy Kabobs. I made 60 dollars in sales.

In my first year at Acton, my business was Cookie Mallow and my sales were over 150 dollars from selling cookies and rice crispy treats.

Last year I had a business called Sky High Photos. It was a photo booth with props. I only made 19 dollars with that business.

Next year I will bring back Cookie Mallow.

I love doing the Business Fair because it gives me a chance to see if I would want to start a business and become an entrepreneur.

My dad’s favorite part about doing the Business Fair is that when he was a kid he would talk to his dad about business stuff and now he gets to do that with me.

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