Strategy Day

Last week I went to a full day workshop focused on business strategy, hosted by Entrepreneur’s Organization.

I used the event as an opportunity to explore my idea to help businesses increase profits.

As we worked through customer attributes, a picture started to emerge of a founder who’s comfortable with delegation and hiring experts, but doesn’t have a full-time CFO. The business has healthy revenue of $2-10M, but is hovering around breakeven.

Talking through this concept with the people at my table, a few comments helped to unearth some potential differentiators.

“Finance people are often backward looking.” Reports from your bookkeeper or accountant show the past, but they aren’t typically suggesting changes to make in your business.

My offering to the founder is for ongoing personalized attention and specific recommendations to increase profit. This work is based on my own hands-on, operational experiences.

Another person noted my excitement on a topic that can feel dry or sometimes overwhelming and said my joy of digging into the numbers shines through.

As entrepreneurs, we’re pulled in a hundred different directions. There’s always something that needs our attention. But the work I enjoy doing the most is improving efficiency and making changes to increase profitability.

Finally, if you asked me what I was selling prior to this workshop, my answer would have been increased profit.

True, business owners want profit. But what they really want is what that profit provides – peace of mind.

There’s constant tension in a business that’s hovering around breakeven. Boosting profit gives the founder confidence in their business and some long-sought peace of mind.

These feelings are invaluable and this emotional release is what I’m truly offering.

- Matt

PS. Photo from the 2022 EO Melbourne Strategy Day.

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