One Last Job

Drawing of a pair of work gloves, utility knife, tape dispenser, rubber mallet, screwdriver, and a duffel bag

Nineteen years ago when we started 420 Jars, it was just me and Gary. No money to pay employees, so we did everything ourselves. It was fun.

Over time, the business grew and we hired people along the way. We had over 20 employees at the peak. Sometimes it was fun; sometimes it wasn’t.

After selling the business and running our final payroll in December, there was still some work to be done and it was back to just me and Gary.

We could have asked some former employees to come back and help out with the remaining work, but we were both happy to be doing it ourselves.

It gave us time together to process the changes we’re experiencing in our lives and to reflect on the past 19 years.

We were talking about palletizing the inventory and loading it onto a semi when one of us said, “One Last Job.” The classic heist movie line where the gang reunites made us both laugh.

A week after 18 pallets of inventory were shipped, we had to load two kilns onto a flatbed for transport. One Last Job.

The following week, we disassembled pallet racks and sold them to a local buyer. One Last Job.

Just like in the movies, there’s always one more One Last Job and we’re having fun pulling each one off.

- Matt

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