July Goals

Half of 2023 is over. With six months remaining, I’ve set some goals for July using a framework I stole from Sam Parr, who I’ve mentioned previously.

Sam’s a fan of alliteration and sets goals for himself in four areas: Fun, Family, Fitness, and Finance.

This month, I’ll be doing the following:

Fun – Completing 20+ hours on boot.dev. This is the programming bootcamp I signed up for. I’ll dedicate an hour per day, Monday – Friday to this.

Family – We have a trip planned for August, but this month we’re excited for the Barbie Movie. Plus something else fun for the family – maybe Cidercade or Wonderspaces.

Fitness – Ten days ago I started following the Slow Carb diet recommended by Tim Ferriss. I’ll be sticking to it all month and writing about my results (and my reasons) in the July 30 issue of Sunday Shrooms.

Finance – I’m going to complete the Big Later course. It’s a 5 minute per day Investing 101 course that looks like fun. I’ll also be working on outbound sales for a few domains I own, reaching out to at least 20 prospects per domain.

- Matt

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