An Extra Day

My nephew is getting married in two weeks.

When I originally booked our flights for the wedding, I chose Thursday – Monday. I was trying to balance having enough time for family with Ava not missing too many days of school.

The trip felt short, but it’s what made sense.

Still, over the next couple of months, I couldn’t shake the feeling of regret that we weren’t staying a little longer.

Then Sarah’s mom came to visit us last month and it was wonderful spending time with her. It was a reminder that Ava doesn’t get to see her grandmothers enough.

That did it for me.

I checked with Sarah and my mom, who’s hosting us in PA for the wedding, and added an extra day onto our trip.

I instantly felt relief. I don’t like being rushed and I hate the feeling of trying to cram it all in.

An extra day felt like just the breathing room needed to create that sense of ease that’s become my guiding star for an ideal mindset.

Sometimes an emotional decision makes more sense than the logical choice.

- Matt

Artwork created by Midjourney with the prompt: sunrise through an airplane window.

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