52 Weeks

This is the 52nd issue of Sunday Shrooms.

Committing to the practice of writing each week over the past year has been rewarding, but also felt like a grind at times.

Without a business to run, the newsletter provided structure and deadlines. It gave me a space to explore ideas and share what’s been happening in my life.

Creating 52 articles helped to strengthened my writing muscle, but the weekly approach has its downsides.

Some pieces felt forced; I wrote because of the deadline, not necessarily because I had something to say. And taken as a whole, the collection feels scattered.

As 2024 approaches, I’ve been thinking about the adjustments I want to make.

I plan to continue writing, but I’m going to change the cadence to the last Sunday of each month.

My goal is to gather my observations, thoughts, and experiences during the month and bundle them into a reflective piece.

The end result will be 12 articles that represent my journey through 2024.

I’d like to close out 2023 by expressing my gratitude to everyone who reads Sunday Shrooms and especially those who take a moment to reply to something I wrote.

Thank you.

- Matt

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